Fair Play South West is made up of individuals and organisations based in the South West of England that share a commitment to promoting gender equality and eliminating gender-based discrimination and disadvantage wherever it may exist, and by all available means.  Fair Play South West's vision is political, economic and social equality for women in the South West. We seek to gain recognition for the value of women as leaders in their communities, local governmnt and more widely. We campaign for a feminist democracy.

Fair Play South West is a regional equality network which collects and represents the interests and views of women, works for women's equality and publicises the leadership of women and women's organisations in their communities.

The Fair Play South West Board is made up of volunteers:

  • helping to run a network of women and women's organisations;
  • organising networking events;
  • responding to policy consultations;
  • and
  • providing a joint voice across the South West in campaigns for greater women's equality.


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