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Women's position in the economy is one of the topics addressed in the docSW Women's Manifesto603 KB which leads us to ask the following questions of candidates for election to Leadership of political parties and others in power.

docxMandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting Consultation Response from Fair Play South West 21.48 KB

docxThis new report 234.53 KB by Dr Jackie Longworth for Fair Play South West presents a detailed analysis of data from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings published by the Office of National Statistics. It combines this with qualitative intelligence from women and women's organisations to identify some causes of gender pay gaps and makes recommendations for solutions. It is intended as a reference document for those campaigning on specific issues around women's access to well paid jobs. It should be cited as:

docxLongworth, 2016, The Gender Pay Gap and How to eliminate it.234.53 KB 

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The report addresses the definition of pay gaps and in a number of appendices explores their variation with docxoccupation 42.56 KB, docxage 45.97 KB and docxplace of residence 223.13 KB.

The SW Women's Manifesto has been updated slightly after the 2015 general election to make it relevant to all future elections, local or national.

It's policy aims will be further reviewed in the coming months in the light of policy developments within governments and oppositions.

The slightly revised version can be found at: docSW Women's Manifesto - R2 603 KB

FPSW has responded to the Government's consultation on the Regulations needed to implement Section 78 of Equality Act 2010, which would require some employers to publish their gender pay gap.

docxAn analysis22.17 KB of the detailed programme of Bills behind the Queen's Speech suggests that very little of the docSW Women's Manifesto603 KB will be met in the next five years, at least as far as central government action is concerned.

A priority will be to try and preserve the clauses of the Human Rights Act, particularly the Protection from discrimination in respect of these rights and freedoms. There is also work to be done to ensure that extension of 'free childcare' is delivered in practice. In several respects the proposals will have the opposite effect from "advancing equality of opportunity" and many of the 22 calls for action from SW women are not addressed at all.

 The Petition to the Minister for Women and Equalities remains open!

Fair Play SW analysis of commitments made relevant to the calls for action in the SW Women's Manifesto reveal a mixed picture.

docxTable for Tory, Labour and Lib Dems here 27.31 KB

On 29th April the DCMS (Government Equalities Office) has responded to our petition. It identifies the things which the coalition government have done for women, whilst making no commitments for the future; I guess we must look in the separate manifestos for those? Fair Play South West is preparing a detailed analysis ..... watch this space!
Our Ref: CMS 264834
29 April 2015
Dear Ms Longworth,
Thank you for your letter and petition to Secretary of State for Education and Minister
for Women and Equalities Nicky Morgan, the contents of which have been noted.


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