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Fair Play South West is a regional equality network which collects and represents the interests and views of women, works for women's equality and publicises the leadership of women and women's organisations in their communities.

The focus of Fair Play South West's current work is:

  • To develop and maintain a Manifesto for women to influence candidates for election to public office
  • To publicise the potential impact of Brexit on women and campain to minimise it.
  • To publicise the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on women and campaign to ensure recovery builds back better for women.
  • To publicise the leadership of local women's organisations and networks in the South West
  • To provide opportunities for women and women's organisations to network and influence policy
  • To respond to national consultations on matters of relevance to women, providing a link between local networks and national policy making
  • To support campaigns and lobbying to further women's equality, particularly in relation to priorities agreed by the members (see Priorities page)

Fair Play South West's vision is political, economic and social equality for all women in the South West.


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