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Towards Feminist Democracy: Populist Forces and Feminist Activism

Chapter 8 of a book published by Emerald (Feminist Activists on Brexit: from the Political to the Personal) is written by members of Fair Play South West Diane Bunyan, Jackie Longworth, Su Maddock and Margaret Page.

The access page for Chapter 8, for those who have access to Shibboleth, OpenAthens, or Emerald account is at Towards Feminist Democracy: Access via Emerald Publishing. A PDF of the chapter is also available from the FPSW website at Towards Feminist Democracy: PDF.



Bunyan, D.Longworth, J.Maddock, S.Page, M. Towards Feminist Democracy: Populist Forces and Feminist ActivismCohen, S.Page, M. Feminist Activists on Brexit: From the Political to the Personal,  Emerald Publishing Ltd, Bingley pp. 141 - 159  https://doi.org/10.1108/978-1-80043-420-220210013


"Feminist local and transnational researcher/activists in Bristol and the SW of England discuss and analyse how the rise of populism locally and in Europe, and the context created by the Brexit debate, are eroding women’s rights and posing new challenges for feminist activism and women’s leadership. Drawing from their research and experience of activism and leadership to promote women’s equality in a variety of local, national and transnational sectors and institutions, they consider how the loss of legitimacy of EU mechanisms to promote and implement equality may impact on women’s rights and services locally, what alternative transnational mechanisms and resources might be drawn upon, and how feminists are engaging with challenges posed."

Coming soon! A podcast in which book authors talk about writing it and the issues raised.

Details of how to access the full book are at https://www.fairplaysouthwest.org.uk/links/93-feminist-activists-on-brexit-from-the-political-to-the-personal .






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