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 Feminist Activists on Brexit










Sue Cohen
University of Bristol, UK

Margaret Page
University of the West of England, UK

Across an ever-changing political landscape, and in the midst of Brexit developments, this edited collection draws our attention to women's participation in transformative democratic processes, and captures how UK women were made 'other' in the political environment created by Brexit. 

Chronicling the work of diverse feminist activists connected to women’s equality organisations, grassroots networks and migrant communities who between them strove to further intersectional equality, and ensure women’s voices were heard across the UK during the Brexit campaign, the first section of this book highlights the impact of populist discourses on subjective identities and their place in public and political life. Through reflective conversation, autobiographical writing and poetic pieces, the authors transform their experiences of being 'othered', showcasing instead a new found community and collective agency across intersections of identity. In the second section, researchers and activists analyse how the socio-economic, political and legal changes unleashed by Brexit are undermining women's equality in the UK. Considering how to defend feminist concerns when facing populist political leadership, the authors make the case for constitutional reform which will enable direct female participation in the democratic process. Looking ahead to the post Brexit landscape, and the unknowable future let loose by Covid-19, the contributors offer us a glimpse of the world they are striving to create.

Emerald: Title Detail: Feminist Activists on Brexit by Sue Cohen (emeraldinsight.com) The shop from which the hardback can be bought for £65.00

Feminist Activists on Brexit: From the Political to the Personal | Emerald Insight Synopsis and table of contents.

Feminist Activists on Brexit (emeraldinsight.com) Sample Chapter. Endorsements; Copyrights; Dedication; Contents; Preface by Janet Newman; Introduction; Chapter 1 (part).

Towards Feminist Democracy: Populist Forces and Feminist Activism | Emerald Insight The access page for Chapter 8, for those who have access to Shibboleth, OpenAthens, or Emerald account

[Bunyan, D.Longworth, J.Maddock, S. and Page, M. (2021), "Towards Feminist Democracy: Populist Forces and Feminist Activism", Cohen, S. and Page, M. (Ed.) Feminist Activists on Brexit: From the Political to the Personal, Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 141-159.] 

This Chapter is also available as a PDF on the FPSW website at Towards Feminist Democracy: PDF.

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