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Many women feel unsafe in the home, at work and in the street, particularly when dark. Mitigation is important, including rape crisis centres and support services for sufferers of domestic violence. However, women tell us they would like more emphasis on prevention. They would like the streets to feel safe, with more police and fewer areas taken over by threatening gangs and drunks. They would like less acceptance of the objectification of women, with non-licencing of sex and lap-dancing venues, for example. They would like better use of the education system to change the culture of violence against women amongst boys and young men. They would like better prosecution and curbing of abusive men.

The austerity cuts to local government have had a devastating affect on the provision of services and many voluntary and social sector organisations are struggling to keep going. Women and their children are being turned away from refuges. FPSW supports and publicises campaigns to improve public policy in all these areas.


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