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On 1st May 2019, WRC and a number of women’s organisations sent a letter to the Minister for Women, Victoria Atkins MP, regarding the UN’s recent review of the UK’s performance on improving the position of women in the UK and the progress made in achieving their rights.

The letter seeks to hear about UK Government’s plans to effectively implement the recommendations for the benefit of all women in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Prior to this, in February, our CEO Vivienne Hayes went to Geneva to lead on WRC's input to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.

After the collaborative efforts of numerous women’s organisations in preparation of the UK government’s examination at the United Nations on their progress in achieving all women’s rights, the UN have released their recommendations.

WRC will be holding meetings with women’s organisations to discuss the recommendations and how we might continue our collaborative efforts to press the government to further our human rights

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