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Feminist Studies Call for Commentaries

The COVID-19 pandemic
Due date July 15, 2020

Feminist ideas can help guide us as we move through this crisis. Our journal can be a potential home for your new work that contends with the current moment and outlines the paths ahead. Our anticipated special issue on Feminism and Capitalism (2021, vol 47:1) would be an especially good venue for scholarly or activist commentaries on feminist responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. We welcome 1500-3000-word pieces from locations around the globe that take up the implications of this pandemic for feminism analyses of capitalism. Our original call for papers on feminism and capitalism highlighted our interest in the crises of care and social reproduction, on non-material labor and work, risk and debt, bioeconomies, and on the Anthropocene and environmental destruction. Work along these angles would be an especially good fit.

Due date for commentaries: July 15, 2020. Please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you have a News and Views piece (1000-words) in mind that responds to a more immediate topic,

please send it along earlier by May 31, 2020.


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