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Jackie Longworth, Chair of Fair Play SW says:

"This report particularly affects women as they make up he majority of employees in insecure work."

The SWTUC says:

"The South West has the highest proportion (12.6%) of insecure workers out of all regions and nations in the UK. According to the TUC South West, an estimated 354,000 working people in the region are affected by precarious employment, defined as: 

  • Zero-hours contracts as the primary occupation; 
  • Agency, casual and seasonal and other work (but not fixed-term contracts); 
  • Low paid self-employment (earning below the national Minimum Wage).  

The TUC sets out a clear checklist for the government to improve working people’s lives, including:  

  • Ban zero-hours contracts and clamp down on sham self-employment 
  • Give all workers the same basic rights at work from day one - including redundancy pay and family-friendly rights 
  • Introduce stronger protections for working people that prevent bad bosses from exploiting workers 
  • Give workers the freedom to be protected by a union in every workplace 

Under a no-deal Brexit, the TUC warns that Britain’s insecure work crisis would mushroom, with vital workplace protections no longer guaranteed." 



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