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Fair Play SW has not taken a formal view on Brexit or the mess the Government has got itself into. Those of us who talk about it regularly do agree that the passing of the Withdrawal Act without the protections against equalities and social regression we sought makes leaving the EU a particularly bad idea.

Jackie Longworth, Chair, says:

"I personally have a growing belief that none of the three options which are being widely touted is what is needed!

Leaving with no deal would be such a disaster for the UK in general, the survival of the Union, the SW and Bristol economy in particular, and the rights of women and minorities that Parliament simply can’t let it happen.

Leaving on the current terms on offer would amount to remaining as associate members of a club, subject to many of its rules and regulations but not allowed to play in all the games and not allowed to be part of decision making structures; I don’t see any solution to the Northern Ireland issues which would end this position in my lifetime. Why make this change when we are currently full members of the club?

Another referendum (whatever it is called!) would be an abrogation of the Parliamentary responsibility in our representative democracy to make decisions on behalf of the country. Referenda under our constitution are advisory and the Act setting up the 2016 referendum did not change that; the Prime Minister who may have made some kind of commitment walked away when the result was known. Any new referendum would also be advisory and Parliament would still have to make a decision, so why waste the time and create yet more opportunity for division and hate amongst the people.

Is it now time for MP’s to be brave, tell the people that what a little over half of them asked for is not deliverable and revoke the Article 50 notification? At least this should be possible before the end of March!"


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