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Hi there

My name is Amina, I am very grateful for all the things that organisations like yours do to make a difference!

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I wanted to introduce ANC Admin Solutions, which I believe might be relevant at some point, to you or someone you know. My team of qualified administrators and accountants offers flexible and affordable outsourced services to charities and community interest companies to free up their leadership and management staff to focus on what matters the most: their mission and strategy and helping their team perform and grow.

Two things sparked me to start ANC – maybe you can relate: Firstly, in 10 years working in the UK charity sector (as a volunteer and then paid staff when I was finally allowed to work in UK), over and over again, I've seen organisations overloading leadership and management staff because they don't have the budget to hire full time administrative staff. Secondly, during my maternity leave I met lots of qualified mums, who, like me, are qualified admins and accountants who want jobs with flexible hours to cut down or even avoid very expensive childcare costs. Some of these mums are migrants and refugees who are often marginalised when it comes to job opportunities.

That’s why I’ve made ANC an admin outsourcing partner for charities where 51% or more of the service team will always be parents, refugees and migrants who are qualified admins & accountants who are looking to work part time. 

Our services are listed on the attached leaflet. It'd be great to have a quick chat if you think ANC could help you and your team. Anyone interested can book a intro call with me here https://bit.ly/anc-intro-call-30min

Please share the word in your network and let’s get these mums into flexible working!

Kind regards,


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