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Contribution to Joint Statement to Government on Brexit, by the Economy Task Force of Bristol Women's Commission.

It is estimated that four-fifths of those from the EU working in social care would not have qualified for a skilled worker visa under the points-based regime that comes into force in January 2021. Britain cannot continue to rely on immigrant workers in    a sector which is already short-staffed and, for demographic reasons alone, will need to increase staffing levels by nearly half by the mid-2030s.The investment in the development of a proper social care training programme to underpin improved pay and career progression and linked to health care work as recommended by the latest Health and Social Care Select Committee report in October, is urgently needed. Here is a sector which is already short-staffed. Social care could become an attractive career to both young and older workers.

Contributed by Hilary Land, a member of the Women's Budget Group advising on Adult Social Care. 


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